Peg Leg John

If your ever out to Rye Patch Nevada hunting for gold, be
sure to keep an eye out for Peg Leg John.

He's an older fellow that's always out there searching
 for quartz crystals. He said he's been doing this for
about 20 years now.

He will always have his yellow pick and be scratching
the quartz areas looking for them.

Once he finds a good spot you'll find him setting and carefully
 digging. He says he has to dig slowly so not to damage the
crystals. It's easy to chip or bust one if you dig to fast.

He uses a small whisk broom to clean them off.

Sometimes he will get more aggressive with his pick, being careful
not to damage any possible crystals. He said while digging he
watches the ground carefully, if it moves he gets the hell out
 of the area quick! He's dug into badger, rattlesnake, and
other not so nice critter dens.

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