Rich Hill, AZ

Rich Hill is 6 miles east of Congress, AZ.

Hunting Rich Hill Gold.

West side of Rich Hill.

East side of Rich Hill.

Many nuggets have been recovered on this hill and down below it.

Known for it's Potato Patch of large nuggets on top.

The LDMA camp of Stanton sits below R.H. on Antelope Ck.

Lost Dutchman's Mining Association

Join the LDMA and you can have full hookups right at the hill.

The Tongue Nugget was found near here.

This is a rugged area with it's share of snakes.

On the east side there's a lot of mining going on.

See the placer mines in the distance.

A small trommel operation.

More than a few have lived and died here looking for gold.

Weaver Cemetery.

Still more activities down the hill.

Jack Hoffmans 400 at work.  :-)

Another gold getting trommel being set up.

The quest continues to this day.

Everyone is very protective of their claims.

Some even use video surveillance.

And they mean it!

If you want to hunt the Rich Hill area there are a few clubs that have claims there.

GPAA, LDMA, Roadrunners, Weaver and more.

If you want to learn more about Rich Hill and it's gold I strongly suggest this book.

Much info on mineral makup, mines and plenty of glossy color

photos of gold from the hill and below.

You can get it here.


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