Rye Patch Push

Rye Patch, Nevada

I recently got a chance to revisit Rye Patch, Nevada.
Rye Patch is located southwest of Winnemucca
off highway 80 just behind Rye Patch lake.

While there I witnessed a push in a nugget patch,
  lots of nuggets were found

Here we have a Minelab GP and Fisher Gold Bug 2
in action.  The Minelab has a large 16 inch nuggetfinder
coil for finding those larger deep nuggets. The Gold Bug
is well known for finding small gold not so deep.

Everyone got in some detecting on these pushes.
Everyone found a little gold.

Is a patch ever worked out?

Different people, different detectors, different coils
techniques, gold nuggets just kept coming
out of the ground.

Some of the nuggets that were found.
I'm sure this patch will be giving up nuggets
for years to come. You only need to be off
a inch or two one way or another and
they get missed.

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