Rye Patch, NV

About 45 miles south of Winnemucca on Interstate 80
is the turn off for Rye Patch. You exit go over the
dam and maybe 1/4 mile past and turn left to
exit the lake area.

This sign was before the dam.

This is the back road to Rye Patch just go down
it about 12 miles and you will be in the gold fields.

This is an area where the antelope play for sure.

Here I'm trying to find my first Nevada nugget with
my first Minelab. A GP Extreme I'd bought off Ebay.
This was my first attempt to find a nugget with it and
I did all the wrong things, but little did I know then.
There's more to it than just having a Minelab, If I knew
then what I know now I could of cleaned up all those
 nuggets. It had just snowed on the mountains above
 us and it was cold too.

This is a huge area but has gold spread all across it if you can
just get the coil over it. I didn't find a nugget on that trip
but I've been back a few more times and did well.
Right equipment, right knowledge
makes a difference.

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