Selling Gold


Some nuggets are too pretty to melt and sell at spot or below. We would all like to get

spot price or more but that usually won't happen with raw gold that isn't pure.

My Gold Gal does take the nice ones and sell them

 for spot + in her jewelry business.

I had a few UGLY specimens that had a surprising amount of gold in them.

I crushed them and that's the gold on the plate. The two gold buttons are

a 1 ounce and a 1/2 ounce from earlier pours.  Also in this mix is

some dental gold from crown and bridge removal / replacements 

over the years, these may only be 40 - 60 % gold. The above

gold will be melted into one large button and sold.

In the crucible waiting for flux and Linda's torch.

We don't own a oven that heats high enough, say 2000+ deg f.

so the torch will have to do. We run the risk of some gold evaporation

if it gets to hot by using this method.

Now being heated.

In a couple minutes the gold starts to flow and forms a button.

That's a nice looking button from all that scrappy gold.

Hopefully it will weigh nearly 3 ounces

 if I got all the quartz out.

Cool enough to work with now.

I need to get that flux off the top of the button.

This would be a better flux to use.

Underside is ok, now I need to weigh it and see how much I have.

It certainily is heavy for its size, I love it!

The button weighs 2.89 ounces or 57.7 dwt, I'm hoping it will be at least 80 % gold.

 Next to send it to ARA by Fed Ex 3 day delivery.

 (this makes me very nervous)

This is a mix of Alaska and several western states gold and even

some dental gold. It will be interesting to see what ARA says is in it.

They pay 98% of the actual gold content after refining it and pocket the

2 % and any extra silver by products.

Through the Fed Ex tracking I see they got the button ok.

Now I'm waiting 4-5 days for them to refine it into pure gold.

They get about 300 shipments a day so it takes a while to do.

They have a couple options on payment or returning your pure 98% to you.

In my case I asked for a check.

And then it came!

Well there you have it, almost 80% of it was pure gold and 20% something else.

I knew adding the dental gold was going to severely hurt my purity but I wanted

to get rid of it and this was one way. Now I've got a grubstake for the new

season ahead. 

Come on Coco lets go get some more!


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