Skid Plate Worn Out?

Skid plates or coil covers seem to wear out much to often if
 you do much beeping. Some can set you back around $25.00
on the larger coils for replacements. Wes heard about a new
method of spraying the coil while at Stanton and passed it
on to me. He has tried it now for a  couple weeks and we
all know how its worked for him.

This may be a solution to that problem, its a spray on coating
similar to the Rhino covering in truck beds. Basically you just
sand down the coil bottom a little to clean and rough it
up then spray on this coating.

This is my trusty ole 16 inch nuggetfinder coil I've had now for
a few years. It has had many coil covers and needed another so
I figured it was a good candidate for the test. I sanded down the
bottom, sides and even the top for a touch up.

Here it is after several bottom coatings and one top coating. This
coil is old and had even been stepped on a few times and had
cracks in the plastic. I tried to spray into the cracks and then
finger the coating into them to seal them. It seemed to work
very well. It does take about two days to completely dry and
get hard.  Then again I did put it on thick on the bottom.

This coil hasn't looked this good since new. Also a possible added
benefit will be no more black sands getting into and under the
cover. This may equate to increased sensitivity and no more
little false signals.  I believe overall this may be a good deal.

Available at most auto stores everywhere. I checked
Auto Zone and Checker and they had it.
I'll let you know what I think about this
after my next trip out.

Update on this spray

I just returned from a trip to the desert, tried out my sprayed on coil
protection. The top faired well as you would assume.

The bottoms didn't fair so well but not that bad considering.
They say I'm a scrubber and I'm using and abusing my coils
on the ground continuously. So after about 2 weeks of abuse
this is what it looks like. I'll try it again but spray on a couple
 extra coats, maybe that will be the answer. Now if you are
 one who tends to glide around a inch or just above the
 ground you may find this works great. I think it works
great anyway.

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