Yellow Rock Man

Smokey Baird and Buster

On a recent trip to Nevada I met a very well known prospector of the west.

His name is Smokey Baird and he is one heck of a prospector, cowboy and poet.

Here he's riding one of his favorite horses, Pard.

I got to spend a couple days getting to know him and consider it one of my

most valuable finds/experiences to date.

He has found more than a few nugget patches working the hills. One of the most

famous is the Lunker Hill Patch that he, Tall Girl and Dog Water Breath found. 

A few he found go by names like the Big Easy and the Cherry Patch and if

you ever run into him get him to tell you about the Half Ass Patch.   ;-)

This is some of that northern Nevada gold, one was flat as a sheet of paper and

another looked just like an arrowhead. Smokey is capable of going into

worked out areas and finding more.

Smokey swings a Minelab 4000 and covers the ground very carefully.

He's not only at home in the desert detecting but has also worked as a local cowboy

for years.  Being on horseback was a great way to reach new gold

locations not accessible any other way.


Recent gold finds.

If you see Smokey and Buster in the field stop and say Hi.

He's one of the West's best in my book.

Smokey and some of his gold.



He's an avid outdoorsman.



This is the family version without the Angel.

Ask Smokey to show you the Angel version.


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