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Mohave Greens / Pinks


other snakes that rattle


Here's the problem, if this little fellow bites you,  your in big trouble.

This Mohave Green has a venom that is 10-16 times more potent than other rattlesnakes.

It's a dual venom that attacks the nervous system and your bloodstream.

I used to leave them alone but recently have encountered a couple that were

aggressive and actually charged me. My attitude towards them

has changed now.

So here's my solution for the ones that want to fight. A 22 cal birdshot

or 22 long riffle shot to the head. I've done a test comparing the

 long rifle against the birdshot.

Here's my Mohave with a shot to the head at 3 ft.

On a recent trip ( in November) to Gold Basin, AZ my friend Ralph and I

encountered a big one on the trail and it was very aggressive. Ralph pulled out

his pistol and at about 4 ft. let him have it in the head. This didn't imeadiately

kill it as it took two more shots. The above is the pattern from my Ruger

Blackhawk pistol. After the 3rd shot it appeared to be dead. He cut

the head off and burried it, as we've heard the bee's will eat the head and

 venom and become dangerous. I got the rattlers (11 on this one)

and left the meat for the Coyotes.

My 5 ft test with long rifle shot from the Blackhawk, not to bad if

the snake doesn't move.

Another test at 5 ft. with the birdshot shell, not bad for taking one out.

At 10 ft. it's getting hard to hit with long rifle shells.

But with birdshot the snake would definately be hurting.

Overall I believe 5 ft is a safe distance to dispatch one of these bad boys.

I just thought this may be interesting to some of you guys wandering around

the desert brush with the Mohave Greens. Believe me, they are out there!

I've seen them even when the weather was cold like in November,  the locals

say they've even seen them in Dec and Jan. It appears to me the colder the

month the more aggressive they are, also if your seeing lizards you

may see a Mohave. Watch your step Coco!


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