Spit Shine or Rino Line


It's no secret that a lot of nuggets are up under bushes. Here Dave has

a signal in under this bush.

Rod always checks all the bushes where he's working. He came up with

this cool idea this last week. His boots were getting worn out lifting the

edge of bushes to poke his coil in under them.

He said he was going to try that Rino truck bed coating on them instead of

 shoe polish, the stuff we've been spraying on our coil bottoms.

Hummm Kiwi spit shine or Rino line?

What the heck, my boots are getting worn too, I'm giving it a try too.

Here they are with the spray on them, I think Rod may have a great idea here.

I'll be testing them in the bush soon, and update this link.

Look at that shine.


Snake Chaps getting chapped?


This set of snake chaps is actually in pretty good condition. When

lifting and kicking brush back detecting it wears through at the seams.

Some are pretty frayed and wear out quickly.

This is Rods new way to deal with it, spray Rino coating down the seams.

Curently under testing but seems to work well.


Also the boot spray job mentioned earlier is holding out

on my boots, I'm impressed. 

  Thanks Rod


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