This is one Spot everyone should know about!


Above is the Spot I'm refering to. It's a electronic gizmo that's part GPS and part Satelite Messenger.

Shown above next to my Garmin GPS for size comparison.

This little device can send your location from anywhere in the world to your family or friends with

a short I'm OK message. It can also send a SOS or 911 call in case you've encountered a life

 threatening emergency. The Gold Gal wanted me to have one because I have this habit of

going over the next hill out of cell range for a few days at a time.  Since this operates

with satelites in the sky I can now reasure her I'm ok no matter my location.

The thing is very simple and can do 5 things for you after power up.

Top button powers it up. Button to left with check and ok sends a GPS location

to your 10 people and tells them your OK.  Button to bottom can say what ever

you want it to say, you program it when you configure your account. The button

to the right is similar to leaving bread crums or foot prints to show your location

every 10 minutes at The button to the top left (two hands or Help Me)

 is hidden under a small door so you will not accidently hit it. It sends out a

emergency message and GPS location to your 10 letting them know you

 need assistance but it is non life threatening. Truck broke down.. etc.

The last button is the SOS or 911 at top right. It is really under another

small door so you can't activate it by accident. This is the REAL DEAL

Search and Rescue will be notified and dispatched to your GPS location.

It better be life threatening or you may be subject to repayment or fines.

But it could also save your life!

These messages can go to your friends by e-mail or text msg to their phone.

Each button can be configured for up to 10 different people you choose.

On the email besides your message and your GPS cordinate it gives them

 two choices to click on, Google Earth or another map will come up and point

 to your exact location on the earth. You can zoom in and out on the location.

 I did one from my back yard and it zoomed down to the middle of my yard.

Uses 3 lithium AAA batteries

Price is $150.00 and $99.00 a year to activate it.



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