Stanton Arizona
Prospecting for gold in the Desert

Heading out with buckets and vacuum to gather some test samples.

No I'm not crazy just gathering samples from a very small wash.
Sometime I use the vac pak and suck up samples and sometimes
I use my EB drywasher. This particular area is loaded with gold
and its no question of if but how much.

Funny how even the smallest of washes can have
 a good showing of surface gold especially in AZ.

I vacuum up a bucket and then screen it down and take it back
to camp to process in one of the recirculators. If the wash looks
good I'll return with the Folding Drywasher and move more dirt.
The goal around Stanton is to figure out which wash is most
productive to work.

Here the Gold Gal is testing a bucket of material. The recirculator
reduces the bucket to just a half cup of material that needs to be
panned to see if there is gold.

If your lucky this is what you'll end up with, a showing of color!
Now where's that folding drywasher, this wash needs further work!

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