Texas George

On a recent trip to Stanton, Arizona I ran across my ole friend Texas George.

He's a dedicated beeper that spends a lot of time gold prospecting in Arizona.

He has a method he's perfected to find gold in worked out nugget patches.
George unlike some others shares his knowlege, here he's telling
 Ralph about his method.

It's a rake and scrape method that works well for him.

Here he's scraping a spot using his foot to put pressure on the hoe. That hill
in the background is the famous Rich Hill near Stanton, AZ. It's famous
for the potato size nuggets found on and around it.

Here he's recovering a target in the old patch. It turned out to be a
nice nugget.

What can I say, he's good! Now another small rock pyramid gets built
on the desert floor.

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