This happened to Me!

On a previous trip to Colorado I was camping up behind the town of
 Granite in a nice flat area that I could  ATV/prospect  from. It had
turned to drizzling rain and I had been weathered in a couple days.
 I wanted to take a shower and jumped out to light my water heater on
 the back of the camper. As I went to light the pilot on the heater my
   fingers were stung by something. Each time I tried to light it, it bit me
 again. I looked in and saw nothing, no bugs, spiders or bees. Then I
 realized this wasn't due to an insect but that I was getting shocked by
 electricity. I had camped close to some overhead power lines and the
 high humidity was conducting electricity to my camper. Each time
 I touched it I would complete the path to ground, and get shocked!
  I jumped in the truck and moved it far away from the lines. 
The photo above isn't in Colorado but is almost the same
 situation  where I had camped.  I just thought I would
 pass this on for others to ponder.

Scary Stuff !

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