Stay Connected on the Road

(with free internet)

If you travel a lot and have trouble getting internet through Wifi connections this
 is the answer to your prayers.  Sometimes you may get stuck in the far corner of  a
RV Park with poor Wifi signal, well this baby will bring in that wifi signal with ease.
You can even pick up the internet from another RV park miles away!  Even on the
  road if you stop in any town the motels, city parks, fast food and coffee shops provide
free Wifi and this unit will reach out and grab them. It's a 3 piece Yagi antenna system
 that has built in transceiver and USB computer interface to talk to your computer.
Shown with first two sections of antenna snapped together and third below.

The Yagi System
Here it is all assembled the three sections just snap together to get that extreme
antenna gain. Even with just the one short section of antenna that's on the box
it works great! You could just use it that way untill you need the extra gain the
rest of the antenna sections provide when snapped together. This makes for a
very compact unit. The cord is 15 -16 ft to go to your laptop or computer USB port.
One small CD ROM has to be loaded on your computer to make it all work.
Very easy to use, load CD Rom , disable your internal wifi if you have internal
card and pick a un
encrypted source to connect to. It comes with hardware so
you can hook it outside to a 2 inch or slightly larger pole. Available from
InovativeDevice on ebay and the price is about $125.00
and worth every penny.

The Cantenna System
They also offer a smaller unit that uses a can for the antenna with less overall
gain for about $65.00 . I tried one of them and it works very well too. It comes
with a small tripod for setting it anywhere. It comes with a shorter 6 ft. cable
but is available with 16 ft. cable if you ask.

Here they are side by side, if you need extreme gain the top one is what you
want. You can even buy two and have your own internet link between two
different places in town, etc. You do need line of sight to make these work.
I have used them in my house for free internet from several sources in my
town.  City provides internet at parks, motels provide free internet, most
 RV parks provide free internet and all coffee shops seem to do the same.
  You would be surprised how many homes have wifi with no
 encryption that you can link to the internet through.

I highly recommend this company!

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InovativeDevice Store on E-Bay

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