Yuma Bob


Yuma Bob is a successful nugget hunter that prospects the AZ desert.
He spends a lot of time out with his Minelab zig zagging across
the likely quartz covered areas that may have gold.

He's always on the lookout for gently sloping hills that have red stained
 dirt which is a indication of iron. Quartz with iron often have gold too.
Note the audio booster amp on the side of his Minelab a Nuggetfinder
model. He claims its one of the best ever made and helps bring out the
weak signals that indicate a possible target.

He carries a long handled hoe not only to dig with but to move those
Mohave rattlesnakes. He said he doesn't kill them but will move them
 out of his way.

Well Bob you must be doing something right as this was just a
sample of his finds. Thanks for showing me some of your
nugget finding techniques and for these photos.


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